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Picture: Underthing shop

Picture: Underthing shop

When was the last time you bought yourself some cute affordable intimates pieces that made you feel cozy, sexy, and cool? You know, those undies that make you do the dance to TLC’s Creep?

I really hope you stopped reading for a moment to not only do the dance but sing the song!

It’s no secret, even for Victoria, that gorgeous underwear can boost a persons’ confidence. As a self-love advocate, owner and founder of Underthing Shop, Kyla Brown, aims for every woman to feel beautiful and sexy whenever she wears a specially selected piece from her online store. Updated every 2-3 weeks, Kyla curates an experience that allows her customers to be sensual in the process of self-care and self-love.


Tell us about the person behind the brand?

 I am a recent graduate of Syracuse University who moved to NYC with a dollar and a dream. My dream: to create an amazing digital retail experience for millennial women. I am a professional digital designer and developer; by trade I design and program websites and mobile apps. Aside from being a coding geek, I am also a french fry connoisseur and adventurer.

Picture: Underthing Shop

Picture: Underthing Shop

Why did you create Underthing?

I created Underthing because I love lingerie! I love the feeling a cute underwear set gives me.  My entire day is a mess if my underwear doesn't match. With all that said, there is nothing I hate more than spending $60 on a single bra. Underthing is here to change the idea that tasteful and sexy means expensive.


What’s your philosophy?

Sexy isn’t something I do for someone else and it is not reserved for special occasions. Sexy is a part of who I am and I do it for myself!

Picture: Underthing Shop 

Picture: Underthing Shop 

Who is your ideal customer?

The #UnderthingBabe is young and getting it! Although she may not have "it" all right now, she works hard everyday to achieve her dream lifestyle. Despite her hustle spirit and dope soul, she has one major problem: she does not take care of herself enough! She literally needs to set aside time for self care and Underthing helps her do that. After a long day of work, she can slip into her Underthing "lounge-rie" to relax with a glass of wine and a good book. She loves walking around her place in sexy bodysuits and silky robes. She plans adorable lingerie slumber parties with her girls to un-wind and give them all the break they need. On the weekend, she and her girls are out on the town looking like full course meals in their Underthing bralettes, leather pants and sky-high heels! Come Sunday, she's back at home in her Underthing loungewear prepping for the week ahead. The #UnderthingBabe lives a crazy, busy lifestyle right now, but it is so worth it because she know she has a beautiful destiny with her name all over it!

Want to learn more about Underthing? Keep updated  on new arrivals at and on social media @underthingshop


It's A Sale!

Guess what?!?! Underthing Shop is having an Anti-Valentine's Day Sale!

Thursday, February 15th to Monday, February 19th at 11:59pm

 buy one bra, get a panty free.


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