BO&Co Review: Aroma Kyoor

Aroma Kyoor: Munchies Candle 

Aroma Kyoor: Munchies Candle 


What’s your vibe: after a long day at work? or an amazing night with the girls? or prepping for a stressful day? For me, whenever I need to relax or regroup it always involves a candle.

A typical Gerena self-care moment involves a lavender scented candle (always my scent of choice), smooth RnB or Dancehall (depending on my mood), and a glass of wine.

At BO&Co., I advocate for building a self-care routine that helps to replenish and maintain your inner peace. When Ashley from Aroma Kyoor reached out to me to review one of her candles I couldn’t have been more excited. At Aroma Kyoor, pronounced aroma cure, they create candles for the different stages of our lives.  


Website: Aroma Kyoor

Price: $11 - 22

International Shipping: Yes!

Product Method: Hand poured with natural soy & coconut wax

Packaging: silver tin jar with lid

Care Instructions: Trim wick to 1/4 inch before burning and don't burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Never leave candle unattended

Types: The candle names are stages of our life!

  • The Hangover candle -  helps with the recovery from our party days with Peppermint
  • The Cold Feet candle- eliminates anxiety with Sage & Citrus
  • The Morning After candle- helps with Nausea with Ginger and White tea
  • The Munchies candle -suppresses appetite with Grapefruit & Lavender
  • The Burnt Out candle- helps you become refreshed and relaxed with Lavender and Chamomile.
  • The Mommy Brain candle - which helps moms focus and remember things with Rosemary and Mint


Aroma Kyoor came from a place of hard work, passion and several life challenges. In early 2016, co-founder Ashley was disappointed that she couldn't find a natural candle that filled  the entire room with her favorite fragrances. So, she started making candles in her mother-in-laws’ kitchen but quickly realized that even with the best supplies and following the right instructions it would take much trial and error to perfect her craft.

After giving birth in the Winter of 2017, Ashley had a rough recovery, felt lost and needed to find herself again. She decided to do just that  by returning to candle making. Ashley tried again... and again... and again until her black girl magic worked.

My Thoughts:

As as a lavender candle lover, I was extremely curious on the scent blend with grapefruit. I now am a believer and may be convinced that this is one of the better combinations with lavender.

But, my biggest surprise was that the candle lived up to what it promised to do i.e. to suppress my appetite. I am currently on a journey to a healthier lifestyle that includes eating less junk food and working out more. As each day goes by I have had more cravings for every snack, or food item that I had given up. To deter myself from relapsing, I decided to light the Munchies candle. After burning for about 5 minutes, the scent fills the room with a pleasant aroma. By the time my senses get acquainted with the scent, I no longer feel the need to snack on some Cheetos or indulge in my favorite fried foods. You may think that I am overreacting but after lighting the candle more than 10 times, I can honestly say that I am not only on my way to a snatched body hunnnnntttttyyyyy, but this candle really works!

Get more of my thoughts below!

Final Thoughts:

As a candle lover and a 20-something seeking to live her best life, I will definitely be adding at least two other Aroma Kyoor candles to my collection.

Are you a candle lover? Which Aroma Kyoor candle are you curious to try?


Aroma Kyoor : Hangover

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