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Picture: Trade Street Jam Company

Picture: Trade Street Jam Company


"I like Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!" That’s exactly what I thought of as I tasted the jams from Trade Street Jam Company; except this brand boasts the use of minimal sugar, and skips the pectin and preservatives. Made in Brooklyn, Trade St. Jam Co. is a chef, woman and minority-owned business that started in a tiny apartment in North Carolina on Trade Street. They strive to share more than 10 years of culinary knowledge in the form of a small batch jar that can be used in cocktails (yes, cocktails!), salad dressings, BBQ sauces, marinades, pan sauces & more.

I had the chance to try three out of the five flavours and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I ate the jam with toast, on croissants, and straight from the jar (yes, they’re that good).


The in-house chef, Ashley Rouse, curates all jam flavors by pairing her knowledge of great flavor combinations with her fervor for taking risks. She likens her process to that of a songwriter who comes up with a crazy song idea, puts it to paper and creates something dope. For Ashley, she is constantly thinking of ways to blend flavors that results in a jar of awesomeness leaving your palates wanting more.

All of trade street’s jams are made by hand in very small batches. The cooking process involves either slow cooking, to produce a thick, almost buttery spread, or quick cooking, to retain as much color and flavor in the fruit as possible.



Price: $12 a jar

International Shipping: Yes! Click Here

Shelf life: Each jam carries a shelf life of 1yr, if unopened, or 4 weeks after opening

Flavors: Plum & Rose; Strawberry Chipotle & Fig; Smoked Peach; Meyer Lemon + Ginger Marmalade; Cranberry Raspberry & Wine




Peach, sugar, fresh lemon juice, apple wood smoke. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives.

Picture: Trade Street Jam Co.


My Thoughts:

This is my favorite jam from Trade Street Jam Co. even though I have only tasted three out of the five flavors. I know... it’s a bold statement, but It has a satisfyingly sweet taste that makes you want to grab a spoon and eat it directly out of the jar. The best thing about the smoked peach is that the natural peach flavor was not lost in the process such that you are left looking for the taste of the fruit. With each taste, you are able to savor the peach goodness. I'm looking forward to incorporating this jam in a few cocktail.





Plum, sugar, rose water, lemon juice, bay leaf. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives.

Picture: Trade Street Jam Co.


My Thoughts:

This is the most subtle tasting jam out of the three I’ve tasted; it wasn’t really sweet or savory.  The plum flavor is the focal point of this jam and it smells amazing! If you are a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this jam will be an excellent replacement for your go to. It has a very smooth consistency that allows you to get carried away when using it as a spread. 





Strawberry, dried fig, sugar, chipotle pepper, fresh lemon juice. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives.

Picture: Trade Street Jam Co.


My Thoughts:

“Taste for a surprise” should be placed somewhere on the label of this jam because that is exactly what happens. On checking out the name of the flavor I was immediately intrigued by its taste. Wellllll was I pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by the savory flavor BUT THEN hit with this spicy aftertaste that lingers for a short time. This isn’t the type of spice that will have you rushing for some water, rather it is a smokey like spicy flavor that has you curious about what it would be like to have another taste. I can definitely see myself incorporating this jam into some marinades as opposed to eating it with toast. Regardless, you won’t be disappointed by the pleasant surprise.

Final Thoughts:

I love that each flavor gave me a different vibe. My roommate, whom also tried the jams describes them as “not your average jam,” and I agree. They’re a bit more sophisticated to be classified with your faves but should be on the shelves right next to our old faithful brands. I’ll be purchasing these jams so that I can try the recipes posted on the site. With flavors like these, why be basic with using them only as a spread for toast?

Ashley showcases her culinary knowledge on Instagram demonstrating her skills and posting recipes quite often. You’ll catch yourself drooling, trust me! Keep up with the brand by following below!

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