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I have returned to the twittersphere after a brief hiatus and I am loving every moment of it. I’ve been on the app since 2009 and it has definitely come along way. The community especially among black twitter is unmatched compared to any other platform. While there are many personalities on twitter, there are just as many businesses and entrepreneurs popping up daily.  Here a few brands that I’ve discovered and i’m looking forward to adding incorporate into my lifestyle.



Twitter- @weareunapologetic

Website -

Price Range - $12-30

Lover of loungewear and lingerie? Then We Are Unapologetic is perfect for you. We Are Unapologetic is a black-owned indie brand dedicated to redefining the beauty standard. It caters to ALL genders, ethnicities and body types. This brand is a great alternative to shopping at stores like Forever 21, Zara and H&M for your undergarment essentials.  Plus, the pieces are handmade with love!

Picture: Twitter- We Are Unapologetic 

Picture: Twitter- We Are Unapologetic 





Website -

Price Range : $160-220

SOCOTRA features a collection of handmade Sunglasses with an alluring sense of energy complemented by the use of transparency and bold shapes. Y’all! I fell in love with this brand from the picture above. I am cat eye fan and with bold shapes and colors this brand offers, they have gained a repeat customer.



Twitter - @bahicosmetics

Website -

Price range: $6-48

If you spend some time on twitter then you would have most likely come across gorgeous pictures of beautiful fresh faced gals showing off glowing skin. Bahi Cosmetics is a  paraben-free and 100% natural cosmetics line that performs beautifully on all skin types. Their sunflower sweet serum, filled with essential oils that are great for scarring, hyper-pigmentation and control acne, is a must have according to the Twitter streets and I will be getting my hands on this too very soon.

Picture: Bahi Cosmetics 

Picture: Bahi Cosmetics 

After reading this blog posts, you should have clicked the follow button right away on ALL of these brands. Know of other unique brands on twitter? Drop them in the comments below!

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