What's Your Excuse?

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In the past six months, how many black-owned businesses, small businesses, minority-owned businesses etc... etc... etc... have you supported? By the time you’ve read this post, the holiday season would’ve just passed and you would've probably supported a few sales.  Besides that, can you think of another time?

*I’ll wait just a minute while you think about that*

Honestly, what’s your excuse? *let’s wait another minute for you to come up with something*

In the past few months, I have seen videos on almost every social media platform either ranting about how a black-owned business ain't shit, or “this is just another reason why I can’t deal with my own people!” Now, I won’t say that the feedback has been all bad. It really hasn’t. But, the overwhelming criticism of small, black, or  minority-owned businesses is a bit concerning. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of bad experiences with small businesses but that’s not enough for me to go on a rampage and turning my back on business owners that are simply trying. I can guarantee we do not offer the same reaction to “other” business owners. Let’s. Just. Do. Better. PERIOD.

So, our #DoBetter2018 Manifesto will begin with:

Research, Research, Research

Before you or a friend go on your next rant that there are too many black-owned businesses selling the same things- Research. Looking for some black-owned shower curtains, laundry detergent, bed linens, gift wrapping paper, shoes, jewelry, stationery, toys ( ok, I think you’ve gotten the point)? Research boo. In your search, you will be sure to come across sites like We Buy Black, Black Tradelines, Official Black Wall Street,and social media accounts like Black Biz Scope, BlackWall.St .

Tell A Friend- Promote Every Chance You Get  

We all played the game of telephone. Of course, the game went to shambles somewhere along the line but as adults that definitely doesn’t have to be the case. Each time you find a new business or got reminded of an old one that piqued your interest, text a friend, share it on Facebook, send it on Instagram! Your friends are more than likely looking for something that business offers or will in the near future. Then they can turn around and share it with their friends.

Stay Updated

After you’ve completed my first two suggestions, sign up for their mailing list, and follow the business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. By staying updated on the next sale, newest product or service, you will be able to build a relationship with the brand that you hopefully won’t regret.

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